5 Health Benefits of Hitting the Beach

Most of us love going to the beach, no matter what time of year and regardless of the occasion. Homeowners and real estate professionals alike put a premium on buying up ocean-side locations. Vacationers actively seek accommodations that are convenient to the water.

The question really is: why? Subconsciously, it might be because people tend to be more relaxed and happy on the beach. Here are five specific known benefits of hitting the beach (in your Hawaiian Tropic Apparel, of course):

1) Stress Relief: Serotonin (a hormone for calmness and happiness) is almost immediately released upon you stepping foot on the beach. Not to mention the calming effects of the ocean waters. There is a reason sleep machine noisemakers mimic the sounds of the surf.

2) Vitamin D: 10 minutes equals your daily dose of Vitamin D. Most people are deficient in their Vitamin D intake, and a day at the beach - or even a small amount of time at the beach - solves that.

3) Exercise: walking on the beach creates double the resistance of walking on pavement or grass. But there are numerous other options like surfing, swimming or water aerobics.

4) Skin benefits: Shameless plug - wear sunscreen! The sand exfoliates your hands, feet and body. Salt water opens up pores and detoxifies. And iodine reduces bacteria and fungi on your skin. The trifecta!

5) It's spiritual: In short, you become at one with nature. Meditation, yoga, and other practices provide results exponentially higher than when done in a studio. The beach provides an outlet to become at peace with yourself and your surroundings in a way no other place can.

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