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The Hawaiian Lifestyle

What is the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming about Hawaii? The beaches, of course! When most people envision a "Hawaiian lifestyle", the first things that come to mind are visions of palm trees, beautiful beaches, unparalleled surf, a soothing Pacific Ocean breeze and the ultimate in relaxation. For those that like to be a little more active, well, Hawaii has all you could want. The weather and climate play a large part in the Hawaiian lifestyle; not too hot, because of the northeast to southwest trade winds. Never too cold. Though some islands in Hawaii see rain (like Kauai, which houses a mountain range known as the "wettest place on earth"), Oahu sees well north of 300...

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The Best Time to Visit the Islands?

Aloha! The specific answer to this question depends what island you are visiting. But the general answer is...go now! March and April are considered dry and comfortable months. However, weather conditions fluctuate so greatly sometimes even within one island itself, that determining when the best time to visit becomes a matter of preference, cost, and weather. Our friends at give a nice summary of the nuances you'll need to keep in mind when planning your trip. You can find more information here. Of course, whenever you're island hopping, make sure to shop with Hawaiian Tropic Apparel first!

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Hawaii 101

What is the best time to frolic on the beaches of the Hawaiian islands? Which island(s) do I visit? Well, the answer is anytime, and any of them. But figuring out what to do and where to go is daunting. At least you will look good in Hawaiian Tropic Apparel! Even if you're not physically in Hawaii, we aim to provide you with the Hawaiian mindset throughout all our merchandise - wherever you happen to be in the world. Still, we get questions from soon-to-be first-time visitors about what Hawaii is all about. Click here for your "101" guide to the Islands!

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