Hawaiian Tropic™ Apparel strives to bring you the latest and greatest in trendy beachwear, cover ups, rompers and more. Through our vast knowledge of the fashion market, we devote our energy to creating an "experience" with every piece. We are passionate about what we do, and aim to recreate that passion - for you, our customers - in everything we design and produce.

Inspired by the tropics of Hawaii, Hawaiian Tropic Apparel offers beachwear and cover ups designed to transport you to a goddess-like, decadent feeling and experience you've been dreaming of or are already planning. Quality designs and fabrics come together to create pieces that complement your body with classic silhouettes and distinctive accents, while integrating sultry hues, rich textures and exclusive prints. The look and feel of our cover ups are equal parts breezy, exotic, fun and comfortable. Hawaiian Tropic Apparel is sensuous and stylish, offering chic beach-side possibilities that accentuate the best of you.